Sunday, 6 October 2013

Philippine Travel Destinations

I had heard of the wonderful beaches of the Philippines for many years, I have always been on my list as a "must " . I had the perfect opportunity to visit the Philippines for the softball tournament my niece , I thought this would be my chance to finally discover the hype Philippine beach. I 've researched everything on the internet , found from Manila to Boracay, sought , inns and then something happened, a friend mentioned hiking.

He said he had a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the northern Philippines, said the rice terraces in the mountains created 2,000 years ago . Yes, you read that right ... Number ancient rice terraces built up in the Green Mountains . Just before booking my plans beach, I decided to investigate these ancient rice terraces and a bit on google images " Rice Terraces of the Philippines. The first image that appears is everything made . my heart yearned for green mountains and fresh air , and my heart yearned cardio come and my heart yearned for photography and culture. of sunset beach faded quickly in my head and my heart again .

The Banaue terraces are part of the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras , ancient artificial structures growth from 2000 to 6000 . I arrived in the small northern town of Banaue no plan. I thought trying to "real" hiking on this trip and get to my destination and I understand from there . These were not easy for a type A personality like mine, but resisted the urge to pre-book a guide, or a bed and threw caution.

One of the strange things about the Philippines is that everyone speaks and understands English, with the Philippines and various ethnic languages ​​. All schools should teach their English classes , so everyone has some exposure to this product. It was strange for me to travel to a country where I could communicate so easily, but my surrounding culture was very different. Like to go to the Midwest United States and hear a Boston accent or cost East - is simply misplaced.

I was bombarded by the guides and owners of the hotel where I got off the bus, but I fought the urge to accept one of the offers or scream until I had some coffee and I became a little more familiar with my surroundings and options. I had been emailing with a guy named Marcial before arriving at the cost of guides and routes could do, but I did not want to book because it would be a "real" spontaneous hiker . Besides, I was skeptical of being accused . However, as I searched my options and prices in the small tourist office , I noticed that the prices quoted to me were originally prices "will." Fortunately Marcial morning found me ... not hard to do in a town of 2,000 people and very few tourists ! Moreover, he knew that the day I arrived and he ran the Florida bus station , where I arrived in Banaue . Marcel was very helpful and I felt more comfortable with him than any other person I met at the time he agreed to organize my trekking guide .

He introduced me to Nora , my trekking guide . Yes, it's true ... Nora ... a woman. I realized that in all my walks moves around the world (many , many, many ) - I never had a female guide. It was quite unique! It was about half my size , and I wondered if I could do mountain rescue if necessary - but the mountains are more like hills , so I was not too worried. Plus - I saw his biceps, and I was impressed and jealous at the same time ! Move over Michelle Obama! Later, I learned that those biceps were trained thresh rice for years as a child and an adult.

We planned the following itinerary :
Trekking in Hapao rice terraces in Banaue night
Trekking from the terraces of Banaue in / town Cambulo terraces / balconies Pula village.     Accommodation in people Cambulo
Cambulo Village Trekking to Batad terraces and waterfall. Bed and Breakfast Batad .
Trekking terraces / Bangaan city , night bus in Manila

Certified guides cost about 1,200 pesos per day (about U.S. $ 24) and accommodation costs of the village of about 200 pesos (about $ 4).

Start hiking !

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