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Main Attractions of India

Explore the many sights of India, which will take you to its ancient past. It includes the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort and other places of historical importance. The Himalayan region provides ample opportunity in India for adventure tourism, rafting, paragliding, includes mountain biking, trekking and mountaineering.It also offers various yoga centers and meditation for seekers of peace and meditation.
Beaches of Goa and the magnificent backwaters of Kerala offer an ideal atmosphere to spend time in the total peace and tranquility. If you have adventurous and love to make a face with wild animals for intro, India with its numerous parks and nature reserves face is a great place to experience animals in the vicinity of the untouched nature.
Air - Indian Airlines is the country's national carrier, the second largest in the world outside the United States, equipped with the latest Airbus 320th Airbus aircraft have two classes of travel, Indian Airlines connects all the tourist and business cities.
Rail - One of the largest rail networks in the world (11 million passengers per day), run the Indian Railways, a series of moves designed to help tourists. These include the Grand Palace on Wheels with its magnificent halls, the high-speed Shatabdi and Taj express trains, connections Rajdhani from Delhi to Calcutta and Bombay, and a series of toy trains, hills, among others.
Road - Tourists can rent air-conditioned limousines and buses to every major destination for tourists or by the day or for a longer period. Regular taxis are available in all metros, cities in smaller rickshaws, three-wheeled car, bicycle or horse-drawn carriage used.
Do's & Dont's
  • If necessary or desired to coat, we suggest you take the nearest regional office Foreigners registration.
  • It is advisable to take advantage of prepaid taxis. / Rickshaw meters or pay or ask for price chart.
  • Consultation with Govt shop. Emporia / Fixed Price shops to ensure reasonable prices and quality.
  • Please check the power supply before using electrical instruments. (220/240 V are in India).
  • Keep your valuables in lockers Hotel / safes.
  • You are cordially invited to contact the nearest Govt. Tourism Office in India / State Government Travel Agents / Tour Operators for local sightseeing and tours.
  • Rent always Govt. Always have an approved travel identification.
  • Check the permissions of photography / filming at any monument. Contact the nearest Government of India Tourist Office / State Government Tourist Office Police Station.
  • Change money only at authorized foreign made items Hotels / Banks / Exchange and on receipt of the money has changed.
  • Plan for tourist information of the nearest town to lead the government of India Tourist Office / Tourist Office of the Provincial Government contact.
  • In case of loss of documents to the nearest Government of India Tourist Office / Police Station / Tourism Office of the Provincial Government.
  • For medical assistance, you may contact the hotel or accredited hospital / nursing home.
  • Respect the local traditions / customs while visiting religious places.
  • It is the prohibition of alcohol in a few details States.Check the tourist office about the same.
  • Smoking in public places and vehicles, in some states.
  • Do not encourage street beggars.
  • Do not accept food / drinks from strangers.
  • The export of Indian currency is prohibited.
  • Not be forced to shop advertises / guides / taxi drivers or strangers.
  • Do not buy items made from rare / endangered or animals are prohibited.

Dubai Tourism – Places to visit

Dubai is full of life, international business hub and relaxing escape for the visiting tourist as well. It is a city where the sophistication of the 21st century goes hand in hand with the simplicity of an olden era. Whilst visitors and residents are encouraged to enjoy an international lifestyle it is significant to value the culture of Dubai which is severely rooted in the Islamic traditions of Arab.
Al Boom Tourist Village                                                                   
The traditional construction of the AI Boom Tourist Village forms a stately city landmark. Situated nearby to Creek Park it comprises of a 2,000 -seat banquet hall, restaurant, amusement park, coffee shop, ornamental lake and marina with 5 cruise boats. Future plans for the village contain a five-star hotel built in the shape of a traditional sailing dhow and self catering as well as fully-serviced chalets.
Burj Al Arab                                                                             
It is man-made island, projecting 280 meters into the Gulf and shaped like a enormous billowing sail, Burj Al Arab is a masterpiece of architecture,321-metre high. With 202 luxury duplex suites, a restaurant at the very top and the most opulent interior decoration, Burj Al Arab is the tallest all-suite hotel in the world.
Burj Khalifa
Burj khalifa is the tallest building ever made in the history of construction. Burj means Tower in Arabic language. The grand building construction was started in 2004 and was completed in the 2009.
Dubai Creek                                                                              
Dubai Creek is a natural sea-water inlet which traverses through the centre of the city. Both traditionally and today the Creek is a central point for life in Dubai. A walk along its banks will remind the city's centuries-old traditions, The colour and bustle of the loading and unloading of dhows, which still ply olden trade routes to places as far-away as India and East Africa, captivates visitors.
The finest way to see the Creek is from the water itself. For a nominal sum, small water taxis called abras criss-cross the Creek from the markets of Deira to those on the Bur Dubai side. Taxis may also be hired and the boatmen will take visitors on a thrilling, hour-long trip from the abra embarkation points to the mouth of Dubai Creek and inland to the Maktoum Bridge, passing a number of the city's historic and modern landmarks along the way.
Dubai Festival City                                                                             
The Dubai Festival City is a place planned for the people of Dubai and its rising number of tourists. It will offer a wide range of attractions counting shops, restaurants and hotels as The Festival Centre, situated on the curve of the Creek at the very heart of the City is the city's 'jewel in the crown'. With lots of shops, restaurants and cafes, a marina, festival square, the Festival Centre offers a unique and vibrant setting where families and friends meet and relax. Added attractions are a Canal Walk with water taxis to ferry guests to the restaurants, cafes and shops, a boulevard capturing the essence of Paris' Champs Elysee and a waterfront souk embracing Dubai's heritage of Arabian art and crafts.
Dubai Museum                                                                               
Dubai Museum is an impressive building which is also a fascinating military museum. Built around 1787, it once guarded the city's landward approaches and has served variously as a palace, garrison and prison. The building underwent further reinstallation with the addition of walk-in galleries in 1995.
Colorful and evocative dioramas complete with life-size figures and sound and lighting effects vibrantly depict everyday life in Dubai during the pre-oil days. Galleries recreate several scenes from the Creek, traditional Arab houses, the souq, mosques, date gardens as well as desert and sea life.
One of the museum's most stunning exhibits portrays the underwater world of pearl-diving, accompanied by sets of pearl merchants' weights, scales and sieves. Also on present are fine copper, alabaster and pottery artifacts exposed from 4,000year-old graves at Al Ghusais (one of Dubai's archaeological sites).
Dubai Zoo                                                                                    
Dubai Zoo is admired attraction, particularly for families. Its modern facilities, though small, houses many indigenous Arabian species, including the Arabian Wolf, which is no longer found in the wild, Gordon's Wildcat and the world's only captive-breeding colony of Socotra Cormorants. Featured in its large aviary are regional birds of prey, while 9 species of large cat and seven species of primates are also on show, along with many Arabian mammals.
Emirates Tower                                                                             
350 meters tall, Towering above the Dubai skyline is the stylish hotel-and-office complex of Emirates Towers. The office tower is the tallest building in the Middle East and Europe, Primarily a business hotel; Emirates Towers has every imaginable luxury for the traveling executive.
Madinat Jumeirah                                                                      
Explained as the 'most comprehensive resort in the world', Madinat Jumeirah is a beach resort with a difference, It encompasses two hotels as well as guest houses, a theatre, a vibrant souk, an unbelievable diversity of restaurants, a spa and its own series of waterways served by traditional water taxis.
Dubai Fountain
The Dubai Fountain is a big exhibit of water jets gushing out of a puddle at the foot of the Burj Dubai (a tall building in Dubai) next to the Dubai Mall
Palm Islands Dubai
Dubai Palm are the three islands, man-made. In the shape of palm trees attached to the Dubai coastline via the trunk of each palm, all three islands will add considerable amounts of shoreline to the Dubai coast. On the islands will be a variety of accommodation including private villas and apartments for rent or sale, hotel resorts, holiday apartments. Other amenities will include shopping centers, restaurants and water sports facilities.

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Thailand Tourist Attractions

Thailand is attractive destination. Of the capital Bangkok to Phuket, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phang Nga and Krabi, Thailand has amazing attractions that draw millions of tourists each year. Exotic beaches, national parks, cities, islands where Thailand tourist presented with a variety of travel experiences. Most of Thailand is relatively inexpensive and offers many amenities, including excellent food and affordable, quality accommodation. Finally, the Thais have a reputation for friendliness and hospitality, which should appeal to all travelers.

Bangkok, in the most cosmopolitan cities and diverse Asia counted, as the Thai capital, founded in 1782 by the first monarch of the present Chakri dynasty.

One of the most visited tourist destinations in the country, offers some exquisite monuments of the city. It is also exciting theme parks, fabulous shopping, nightlife and spa massages known.

Krabi is a southern province of Thai beautiful palm-fringed beaches, relaxing spas and strange but beautiful caves rented. Is equipped with all modern facilities for tourists in Krabi a favorite of tourists.

A tropical paradise, accompanied by the popular hotspots such as Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, Krabi need all the tourists to visit Thailand.

Patong Beach
Patong is the beach, which found most favor with tourists in Thailand. In addition to the powdery beach and offers beautiful wonderful place to experience the nightlife, shopping and many exciting adventures.

Praised throughout the world for diving, the beach offers an unforgettable vacation. The place deserves the highest priority in the Thai tourist route.

Pattaya Beach
A world famous resort, is a vibrant city of Pattaya, day and night. Its population is a melting pot of different nationalities from near and far. A wide range of tourist activities await the pleasure of visitors, relaxing on the beach, running on land and at sea, sport ...

Phang Nga Beach
Phang Nga is clear, with its limestone cliffs rise from the green water. The strange-looking caves, lagoons and beautiful little secluded beaches await the traveler. With magnificent seascapes, Phang-nga is hailed around the world a diving paradise. So be sure to visit for a trip to Thailand is complete without it.

Phuket Island
Idyllic beaches, water sports, action-packed, lively nightlife, fun shopping, endless entertainment .... Phuket is a place that can make your dream vacation come true. Been among the destinations most visited beach in Asia, it is not surprising that Phuket has the nickname "Pearl of the South" deserves. A visit to Phuket invites such an experience is unforgettable.

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Wonders Of Asia

Angkor Wat: It is largest temple in the world is Angkor Wat, Cambodia, the glory, the masterpiece of Khmer architecture. One of the architectural wonders of the world is the epitome of a great ancient civilization.

Borobudur: Borobudur or the mountain of the statues is an incredible achievement of ancient Cambodia.

Forbidden City: Situated in China, The largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world.

The Great Wall of China, as it is called, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful monuments of humanity ever made. Extends from about 6700 km from east to west China, the Wall winds up and down through the rugged topography, as a giant dragon.its visible from moon as well.

Meenakshi Temple: One of the oldest temples is the signature of Indian architecture. Situated in Madurai in southern India is a large complex, a great work of structural engineering.

Petronas Towers, Tallest twin towers in the world, the most striking feature of Malaysia. Achievement of astonishing proportions, they are undoubtedly one of the wonders of Asia.

Taj Mahal: The bond of love: The symbol of passion. The beauty of white marble. It is the palace of the crown of Mughal architecture.its structure is a pure magic.

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Malaysia - The Lovebirds and Honeymoonyers Paradise

Families with children, you will find many options when it comes to deciding the ultimate honeymoon destination. Whether white sand beaches with palm trees, beaches or a cool environment in the lush mountains looking lining - Malaysia has them all.
Genting Inland
HighlandGenting Genting Highlands has a wide variety of hotels and resorts all ready to take care of couples and pairs of romantic lovebirds. At the top is the amusement park filled Genting Theme and Famous Genting casino. Dine in the elegant restaurants of the hotel, then visit the tables with your lovely lady for good luck. Active lovebirds also spend time entertaining quality Awana Golf Club, Awana Horse Ranch and the Awana Eco Park lower.

Highlands Retreat
The cool highlands of Malaysia offer not only respite from the heat below, but also picturesque surroundings far from daily life, about the world. A honeymoon in one of the hill stations of Malaysia is certainly a special experience for the rescuers for a lifetime. Enter the highlands and the solitude and privacy of picturesque half-timbered houses, tea houses hug relaxing and delightful gardens. Wherever you stay, whether in inexpensive chalets choose, quaint bungalows, luxurious hotels or resorts theme, cool green hills will be a relaxed, peaceful place to offer for your honeymoon vacation.

The state of Pahang alone has four hill stations of Malaysia's most popular - Rest Cameron Highlands, quaint Fraser Hill, elegant Genting Highlands Resort and the romantic French theme on Colmar Tropicale in Bukit Tinggi.

Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands MalaysiaHoneymooners enjoy the cool climate and relaxed pace of life here. The quiet weekend offers nature activities with a variety of interesting places to visit, and for every mood.

A place where, after the Smokehouse Hotel, an enchanting Tudor-style building dating all the way back to 1937th This pretty place comes complete with latticed windows, wooden beams and is furnished with interesting antiques from the colonial English.

An important tip is to make your reservations early, as the charming rooms, a very private and exclusive 13 suites are limited. Do not forget to ask for the house specialty - Devonshire tea - by the afternoon. An English garden provides a tranquil retreat for a wonderful holiday time

Visit the farms of strawberries and many give you a deliciously fresh strawberries, homemade jam and marmalade.

Fraser Hill
Hill Fraser is a picturesque small town on the big love. It dominates cent res on a picturesque market square of a small bell tower. This station was with great attention to detail to have been developed to preserve the harmony of its hilly the natural beauty.

Remains intact much of its original old world charm with manicured lawns, sprays of colorful flowers and charmingly secluded clearings. Pretty colonial-style buildings are dotted around the city under the guise of restaurants, cafes, post office, police station and tourist information. For wedding couples want to spend time together uninterrupted, Fraser's Hill, the honeymoon right.

Colomor Topicle
For a taste of all things romantically French but also amid lush tropical vegetation, there is Colmar Tropicale in Bukit Tinggi. This special highland fantasy land is a pleasure and an excellent basis for marriage.

Let love flower and fruit among the enchanting French cafes, authentically French art galleries, charming town square and cool tropical Highland Single Colmar Tropicale. Based on the city's beautiful 18th Century French Colmar, this themed hotel is a fantastic dream come true. And also the perfect place to celebrate a love come true.

Genting Highlands
Remember for a honeymoon luxurious and elegant, just head for Genting Highlands Resort. Definitely different from other hill stations of Malaysia, this piece of the popular prestige of love, and quickly made. The variety of entertainment-centered activities, the "City of Entertainment" baptized.

Genting Highlands has a wide variety of hotels and resorts all ready to take care of couples and pairs of romantic lovebirds. At the top is the amusement park filled Genting Theme and Famous Genting casino. Dine in the elegant restaurants of the hotel, then visit the tables with your lovely lady for good luck. Active lovebirds also spend time entertaining quality Awana Golf Club, Awana Horse Ranch and the Awana Eco Park lower.

Families with children, you will find many options when it comes to deciding the ultimate honeymoon destination. Whether white sand beaches with palm trees, beaches or a cool environment in the lush mountains looking lining - Malaysia has them all.

Hong Kong Attractions

Hong Kong is always of the tourists for the holiday options it offers have been loved. This is the land the man asks constantly bear irresistible attraction to people who like to go. Visit the land of amazing treasures and navigate through them to leave would be a holiday, the indelible mark in your heart to enjoy.
Aberdeen, the largest satellite town, is a vibrant place for residents of Hong Kong in the city. It is unique because it is the traditional lifestyle and modernity on a single platform highlights. Floating restaurants are interesting features of this destination.

Causeway Bay
Causeway Bay, known for his extravagance, commercial, home to many Japanese department stores, shops and entertainment venues. Electronics and appliance stores photos in abundance in the region. The town boasts spots like Times Square and Windsor House.

Disneyland, credited as the first theme park in China is different from Disney land elsewhere, because she has natural scenery of green mountains and hills. The resort is ultra-modern was segregation in the land issue as Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland and Main Street USA

Lantau Iceland
The island of Lantau, the largest island in Thailand device is located at the mouth of the Pearl River. The site of sleepy fishing villages of the past been developed as a major tourist destination in Hong Kong.

Ocean Park
Ocean Park, the largest aquarium in the world, the tourist attraction in the south of Hong Kong. The park was started long before 1977, with investment of HK $ 150,000,000. The park covers about 170 hectares. A bridge connects the two areas of the park.

Po Lin Monastery
Po Lin Monastery, which literally translates as "Precious Lotus" is the most famous Buddhist monastery in Hong Kong. He thinks the copper idol or Tian Tan Buddha Sakyamuni, who is considered the largest Buddha statue in the outside world.

Victoria Harbor
Victoria Harbour, one of the most visited tourist attractions of Hong Kong, is surrounded flanked by impressive backgrounds. The port is known for its spectacular views, sparkling public spectacle. He is known for its beautiful panoramic view commended. Ride on the Victoria Peak is the best place to enjoy the magnificent view.

Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak is praised for her stunning views of Hong Kong and Kowloon City offers. It is the best place to enjoy the view of Hong Kong, which looks like a bright pearl in the sea of ​​light at night. Attract six million visitors per year, the head of the biggest tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

China Tourism

Chinese tourism is an observation depth of tourism and the tourism industry in China - past, present and future. Tourism is identified as a vector of socio-economic development and poverty alleviation. China has become one of the largest industries in Asia, traveling with high growth and constant activities.Tourists international and domestic tourists have a very warm welcome by the Chinese people. Chinese are known for their hospitality worldwide. China Travel and Tourism in itself is unique and admired around the world.

China is both the whole and admirable, a mixture of several paradoxes. China offers attractive tourism sites for some of the fascinating work of art and amazing architecture. Are now over thirty attractions in China in the World Cultural and Natural Heritage category. Whether cultural relics, natural heritage, or combinations of both, in China, you will find unexpected surprise. Beaches in China are more tourist attractions in the flourishing in China with an impressive nature.

The Great Wall of China is the culmination of the Chinese Tower. Yunnan Stone Forest is one of China's fascinating eyes. Yangtze, the longest river in China offers one of the cruise and enjoy the wonderful nature. China does not just visit a country, his desire to discover a new world with its own tradition and the panorama of colors with excitement. Welcome to the world of Chinese world-famous attractions are the Great Wall, Forbidden City, the Potala Palace, the Silk Road, Shanghai colonial and imperial splendor of Beijing obvious magnet of the tour in China but there are also mountains and sacred temples of the size of visit .
 Great Wall of China
 Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Main Stadium
Potala Palace
 Yangtze River
 Yunnan Stone Forest 
Forbidden City

Maldives Tourism in Brief

The Maldives is an exotic house, the blue water, coral and white sand beaches to stimulate. The country has a tourism destination that many tourists from all over the world. In 1989 the country has won the most important foreign exchange earner after tourism and to ground. This year the annual tourist revenues to 17 percent of GDP. And until today the country has kept its numbers and shows more growth in the tourism industry.
Culture of Maldives
The culture of the Maldives with the possibilities of the sea is filled, are sailors who were on music and dance are not islands.Traditional daily affairs, but there is a strong and highly adaptive impressive contemporary culture Dhivehi .. .
Scuba Diving
If you are an avid diver, then Maldives is your ideal destination. The islands offer a variety of marine life, manta rays, angels, rays, dolphins, turtles and reef fish, lion fish, hammerhead sharks and other sharks.

The Maldives Snorkeling
The Maldives is certainly one of the best destinations for snorkeling in the world. Here you have a rare combination of the diversity of marine life and crystal clear water with visibility up to 60 terminals ...

Surf the Maldives
You may never have to surf in the Maldives because it is a relatively new destination for surfers to hear. But still it is as good as other destinations worldwide at the seams with fun and adventure ...

Fishing in Maldives
If you have a fetish for fishing, think twice, not need. Take a fishing pole, in a dhoni and away you go! In the Maldives, you are on the loose. The islands offer the best opportunities for anglers ...

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Travel Tips - Sri Lanka

If you travel to Sri Lanka you have the bill, a few basic tips to make your visit complete. The best time to visit this wonderful country is between the months of December through March.
Once you are in the country, make a visit to a spa with Ayurvedic herbs to treat diseases. Even if you are not sick, you can still enjoy the massage oil or steam bath to one of the many Ayurvedic centers on the island.

When it comes to the purchase of gemstones known centers in Colombo are the only true store of value stones. Avoid buying all kinds of precious stones (as they say), try to street vendors to negotiate, offer above all, they are worthless. Do not be confiscated or the purchase of ivory, tortoiseshell or reptile skin of any kind, because they are illegal, and this acquisition through customs on your return.

Decency is greatly honored by all segments of society. In beach resort, bathing suits are allowed, but not out of bounds and completely unacceptable in the temples, mosques and churches. Nude and topless is illegal in Sri Lanka.
Remove shoes before entering Buddhist or Hindu shrines. Photographing and posing next to these religious sites is strictly prohibited. Also not photograph military installations, bridges, airports and other points. Even some religious buildings covered gun bunkers and military establishment.

It is very important to know how to use the currency of the country you are visiting. The Sri Lankan Rupee is divided into 100 cents. The parts are in the category 5 cents, 10, 25 and 50 and 1, 2, 5 and 10 rupees classified. The notes are described in the values ​​10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. When changing money, tourists are invited to the classification of the notes is less than the driver's street vendors, taxis and cars are not usually give change to apply.

Take medical advice before signing up. It is recommended to get vaccinated against hepatitis A, typhoid and polio, and better still, a therapy for malaria during a visit during the monsoon. Keep preventive measures to reduce the symptoms of diarrhea, and dehydration. Also, adequate precautions against sunburn and weakness of the heat. It is advisable to water, drinking to reduce dehydration. Do you drink tap water as no water anywhere in Sri Lanka, unless you have boiled or sterilized it yourself, and others are for mineral water.

Carry an umbrella, while you are on a lathe. Sri Lanka always with them at any time under the sun and rain-days the city is still overwhelmed by either. You see your step - Sri Lanka is the world's leading provider in death by snakebite per capita.

Be sure to buy food in Sri Lanka quickly, usually sold on the streets during lunch - meat curry, packages of fish or vegetables. You may not be hygienic, because they do not properly cleaned. At the same time only for fresh coconut water and refreshing, which can be accessed easily go from the side of the road in the nominal price. It offers cutting through the top cover of the fruit seller provides a safe and delicious tropical drinks.

Do not expect to have in a queue at the post office bank, or any other place. Sri Lanka are no lines, so do not be modest about future propulsion systems.

Remember the above points and revel in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

Singapore Tourism Brief Guide

Singapore has always been a paradise for tourists. It is a charismatic city that has a perfect blend of contrast and color. Singapore Tourism will serve diverse culture, exotic seafood with the vibrant art and architecture combined. Filled with great enthusiasm, Singapore Tourism offers an unforgettable experience for visitors in some of the attractions highlighted. These include travel, take the beautiful scenery of the island to see, and also under the crystal clear waters that surround them.

A day trip takes you into the past to the future, the traditional enclave of extremely efficient business center, lush gardens, the skyscraper smooth.

Tourist Attractions
If you are a tourist in Singapore, so here is a list of attractions in Singapore or places in Singapore where you can visit.
Asian Civilizations Museum: Star Your Singapore Tourism with the Asian Civilisations Museum is located in one of the three museums form the national museums of Singapore. This focus is the most established museum in the region, exhibits and origins in the cultures of Asia and developments.

Escape Theme Park: Scream your heart, unless the largest outdoor Singapore theme park, Escape Theme Park Escape Theme Park, one of the biggest attractions of Singapore is sure to inspire and excite you with its wide range of wet and dry rides for the whole family.

Jurong Bird Park: Not only a favorite among the attractions of Singapore, but also in Southeast Asia is the Jurong Bird Park Located at the western end of Singapore, Jurong Bird Park Bird Park is the largest and most important in South Asia, which will surely impress and the fascinating variety of 9,000 birds.

Kent Ridge Park: With a size of 47 hectares, this park offers the best views of outlying islands such as Singapore, Pulau Duranin. Darat and go to one of the best places did. Filled Tembusu, acacia and Dillenia, you will certainly enjoy the tranquility of the park.

Merlion: The Merlion is to welcome all visitors to Singapore. Standing 8.6 meters tall and weighs as heavy as 70 tons, it was designed in 1964. It was originally at the mouth of the Singapore River.

Night Safari: Do not miss visiting one of the places outside of Singapore to the Night Safari. The Night Safari is the first zoo to be built, especially at night as opposed to traditional parks seen elsewhere. This place is 40 acres of land, with animals from South America and other parts of Asia.

Pulau Ubin: A small island, shaped like a boomerang, this island off the coast in the northeast of the main island of Singapore. This could be the last kampung or village in Singapore.

Singapore Johore Battery at Changi: The Johore Battery is a war memorial in Singapore, dating back to early 1940. Some of the other major coastal batteries were the Pasir Laba Battery, Labrador, and the battery Fort Siloso.

Singapore Zoo: Singapore Zoo is a modern, or formerly known as the Singapore Zoo, animal shows in the open. The inhabitants of the animal kingdom roam in spacious landscaped enclosures.

Culture and traditions
Singapore is a perfect blend of ethnic and social traditions. Visitors can use a variety of festivals, cultural events and many of the great fusion of various influences. In addition, Singapore is a rich cultural heritage that can be seen in its structures and monuments worth. Now the heritage scene in Singapore has flourished with a steady increase in visitor numbers to museums and cultural activities in recent years.

Singapore has one of the most beautiful skylines and modern in Southeast Asia. Its modern skyscraper buildings can challenge anywhere in the world. Singapore comes with the buildings and monuments of colonial heritage in a unique style. You can also Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), a national organization, the architects in Singapore. The wonderful architecture and innovative Singapore said that the visitors glued his beautiful horizon.

A must to visit in Singapore
Little India: How do you be willing step in Little India, for the feast for the senses! You will be greeted by the pungent smell of spices and jasmine garlands by the treasure trove of silverware, wood carvings, brassware and colorful silk saris. In the 19th Century Indian immigrants came to work here either as laborers to build roads or to take on leadership positions in public service.

Festivals: In Singapore, every ethnic group has its own festivals, especially doing to their religion. Almost every month of the year you will find a celebration of one form or another that makes a great display of color, pomp, which is enjoyed by all. In a peaceful and harmonious society, respect and celebrate each others festivals Singaporeans with enthusiasm.
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