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Dubai Tourism – Places to visit

Dubai is full of life, international business hub and relaxing escape for the visiting tourist as well. It is a city where the sophistication of the 21st century goes hand in hand with the simplicity of an olden era. Whilst visitors and residents are encouraged to enjoy an international lifestyle it is significant to value the culture of Dubai which is severely rooted in the Islamic traditions of Arab.
Al Boom Tourist Village                                                                   
The traditional construction of the AI Boom Tourist Village forms a stately city landmark. Situated nearby to Creek Park it comprises of a 2,000 -seat banquet hall, restaurant, amusement park, coffee shop, ornamental lake and marina with 5 cruise boats. Future plans for the village contain a five-star hotel built in the shape of a traditional sailing dhow and self catering as well as fully-serviced chalets.
Burj Al Arab                                                                             
It is man-made island, projecting 280 meters into the Gulf and shaped like a enormous billowing sail, Burj Al Arab is a masterpiece of architecture,321-metre high. With 202 luxury duplex suites, a restaurant at the very top and the most opulent interior decoration, Burj Al Arab is the tallest all-suite hotel in the world.
Burj Khalifa
Burj khalifa is the tallest building ever made in the history of construction. Burj means Tower in Arabic language. The grand building construction was started in 2004 and was completed in the 2009.
Dubai Creek                                                                              
Dubai Creek is a natural sea-water inlet which traverses through the centre of the city. Both traditionally and today the Creek is a central point for life in Dubai. A walk along its banks will remind the city's centuries-old traditions, The colour and bustle of the loading and unloading of dhows, which still ply olden trade routes to places as far-away as India and East Africa, captivates visitors.
The finest way to see the Creek is from the water itself. For a nominal sum, small water taxis called abras criss-cross the Creek from the markets of Deira to those on the Bur Dubai side. Taxis may also be hired and the boatmen will take visitors on a thrilling, hour-long trip from the abra embarkation points to the mouth of Dubai Creek and inland to the Maktoum Bridge, passing a number of the city's historic and modern landmarks along the way.
Dubai Festival City                                                                             
The Dubai Festival City is a place planned for the people of Dubai and its rising number of tourists. It will offer a wide range of attractions counting shops, restaurants and hotels as The Festival Centre, situated on the curve of the Creek at the very heart of the City is the city's 'jewel in the crown'. With lots of shops, restaurants and cafes, a marina, festival square, the Festival Centre offers a unique and vibrant setting where families and friends meet and relax. Added attractions are a Canal Walk with water taxis to ferry guests to the restaurants, cafes and shops, a boulevard capturing the essence of Paris' Champs Elysee and a waterfront souk embracing Dubai's heritage of Arabian art and crafts.
Dubai Museum                                                                               
Dubai Museum is an impressive building which is also a fascinating military museum. Built around 1787, it once guarded the city's landward approaches and has served variously as a palace, garrison and prison. The building underwent further reinstallation with the addition of walk-in galleries in 1995.
Colorful and evocative dioramas complete with life-size figures and sound and lighting effects vibrantly depict everyday life in Dubai during the pre-oil days. Galleries recreate several scenes from the Creek, traditional Arab houses, the souq, mosques, date gardens as well as desert and sea life.
One of the museum's most stunning exhibits portrays the underwater world of pearl-diving, accompanied by sets of pearl merchants' weights, scales and sieves. Also on present are fine copper, alabaster and pottery artifacts exposed from 4,000year-old graves at Al Ghusais (one of Dubai's archaeological sites).
Dubai Zoo                                                                                    
Dubai Zoo is admired attraction, particularly for families. Its modern facilities, though small, houses many indigenous Arabian species, including the Arabian Wolf, which is no longer found in the wild, Gordon's Wildcat and the world's only captive-breeding colony of Socotra Cormorants. Featured in its large aviary are regional birds of prey, while 9 species of large cat and seven species of primates are also on show, along with many Arabian mammals.
Emirates Tower                                                                             
350 meters tall, Towering above the Dubai skyline is the stylish hotel-and-office complex of Emirates Towers. The office tower is the tallest building in the Middle East and Europe, Primarily a business hotel; Emirates Towers has every imaginable luxury for the traveling executive.
Madinat Jumeirah                                                                      
Explained as the 'most comprehensive resort in the world', Madinat Jumeirah is a beach resort with a difference, It encompasses two hotels as well as guest houses, a theatre, a vibrant souk, an unbelievable diversity of restaurants, a spa and its own series of waterways served by traditional water taxis.
Dubai Fountain
The Dubai Fountain is a big exhibit of water jets gushing out of a puddle at the foot of the Burj Dubai (a tall building in Dubai) next to the Dubai Mall
Palm Islands Dubai
Dubai Palm are the three islands, man-made. In the shape of palm trees attached to the Dubai coastline via the trunk of each palm, all three islands will add considerable amounts of shoreline to the Dubai coast. On the islands will be a variety of accommodation including private villas and apartments for rent or sale, hotel resorts, holiday apartments. Other amenities will include shopping centers, restaurants and water sports facilities.


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