Sunday, 6 October 2013

Dead Sea Travel Guide

The Dead Sea is a sea of ​​high salinity , is on the border between Israel and Jordan, near the northern end of the Great Rift Valley. 10 - The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth , lies about 400 meters below sea level , and the water (it is about 33 % in times salt concentration in water higher than the Mediterranean ) by a high concentration of salt and a high concentration of minerals that . than good for the health of skin and body and serve as a valuable resource in the healthcare industry and chemical The Dead Sea is located in the eastern part of Israel , 40 km from Jerusalem and 100 km from Tel Aviv and many hotels along its shores , in the middle of a desert climate, unique beaches and breathtaking views . Some consider the Dead Sea as one of the wonders of the natural world .
Vacation in the Dead Sea
A stay in the variety of hotels in the Dead Sea revitalizes the body and mind. Dead Sea hotels invite black mud of Health and absorb minerals from the Dead Sea . Come float effortlessly on the water of the Dead Sea and enjoy a stay in last place in the world. Each hotel in the Dead Sea offers the opportunity to enjoy nature and antiques in the area, just a short drive away , such as Ein Gedi, Qumran and Masada. Many travelers opt to a spa vacation at the Dead Sea and enjoy unique natural phenomenon and a warm climate .

Travel in the region of the Dead Sea
A stay at the Dead Sea region is ideal for travelers in the wilderness of Judea , and those who combined a family holiday in a luxury hotel or a vacation with spa treatments to spend health. Hotels in the Dead Sea is located on the beach in Neve Zohar and Ein Bokek located . In these areas, the Dead Sea you will find luxury hotels that are well trained and offer a variety of attractions for travelers : swimming pools and other attractions such as pubs and entertainment and even a bowling alley in one of the hotels . Some hotels in the Dead Sea even have their own beach , while others offer easy access to the beach by a road or a shuttle service .

Hotels in Dead Sea
Other hotels in the middle of the Dead Sea on medical tourism offers and mud and thermo- mineral therapy. Travelers when traveling in the region of the Dead Sea and to be interested with the natural life in the wilderness of Judea , cyclists extreme athletes who come abseil in the Judean Desert and Jeep fans held at competitions in the region, might prefer not to near the central hotel to stay in the Dead Sea , but hotels in neighboring areas : a Gedi and Arad offer a wide variety of hotels that serve as points starting point for excursions to the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert area . In the main hotels , Ein Bokek , most hotels Isrotel Dead Sea , Dead Sea Leonardo Hotels and Daniel Dead Sea is so familiar .

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