Friday, 30 September 2011

Main Attractions of India

Explore the many sights of India, which will take you to its ancient past. It includes the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort and other places of historical importance. The Himalayan region provides ample opportunity in India for adventure tourism, rafting, paragliding, includes mountain biking, trekking and mountaineering.It also offers various yoga centers and meditation for seekers of peace and meditation.
Beaches of Goa and the magnificent backwaters of Kerala offer an ideal atmosphere to spend time in the total peace and tranquility. If you have adventurous and love to make a face with wild animals for intro, India with its numerous parks and nature reserves face is a great place to experience animals in the vicinity of the untouched nature.
Air - Indian Airlines is the country's national carrier, the second largest in the world outside the United States, equipped with the latest Airbus 320th Airbus aircraft have two classes of travel, Indian Airlines connects all the tourist and business cities.
Rail - One of the largest rail networks in the world (11 million passengers per day), run the Indian Railways, a series of moves designed to help tourists. These include the Grand Palace on Wheels with its magnificent halls, the high-speed Shatabdi and Taj express trains, connections Rajdhani from Delhi to Calcutta and Bombay, and a series of toy trains, hills, among others.
Road - Tourists can rent air-conditioned limousines and buses to every major destination for tourists or by the day or for a longer period. Regular taxis are available in all metros, cities in smaller rickshaws, three-wheeled car, bicycle or horse-drawn carriage used.
Do's & Dont's
  • If necessary or desired to coat, we suggest you take the nearest regional office Foreigners registration.
  • It is advisable to take advantage of prepaid taxis. / Rickshaw meters or pay or ask for price chart.
  • Consultation with Govt shop. Emporia / Fixed Price shops to ensure reasonable prices and quality.
  • Please check the power supply before using electrical instruments. (220/240 V are in India).
  • Keep your valuables in lockers Hotel / safes.
  • You are cordially invited to contact the nearest Govt. Tourism Office in India / State Government Travel Agents / Tour Operators for local sightseeing and tours.
  • Rent always Govt. Always have an approved travel identification.
  • Check the permissions of photography / filming at any monument. Contact the nearest Government of India Tourist Office / State Government Tourist Office Police Station.
  • Change money only at authorized foreign made items Hotels / Banks / Exchange and on receipt of the money has changed.
  • Plan for tourist information of the nearest town to lead the government of India Tourist Office / Tourist Office of the Provincial Government contact.
  • In case of loss of documents to the nearest Government of India Tourist Office / Police Station / Tourism Office of the Provincial Government.
  • For medical assistance, you may contact the hotel or accredited hospital / nursing home.
  • Respect the local traditions / customs while visiting religious places.
  • It is the prohibition of alcohol in a few details States.Check the tourist office about the same.
  • Smoking in public places and vehicles, in some states.
  • Do not encourage street beggars.
  • Do not accept food / drinks from strangers.
  • The export of Indian currency is prohibited.
  • Not be forced to shop advertises / guides / taxi drivers or strangers.
  • Do not buy items made from rare / endangered or animals are prohibited.


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