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Singapore Tourism Brief Guide

Singapore has always been a paradise for tourists. It is a charismatic city that has a perfect blend of contrast and color. Singapore Tourism will serve diverse culture, exotic seafood with the vibrant art and architecture combined. Filled with great enthusiasm, Singapore Tourism offers an unforgettable experience for visitors in some of the attractions highlighted. These include travel, take the beautiful scenery of the island to see, and also under the crystal clear waters that surround them.

A day trip takes you into the past to the future, the traditional enclave of extremely efficient business center, lush gardens, the skyscraper smooth.

Tourist Attractions
If you are a tourist in Singapore, so here is a list of attractions in Singapore or places in Singapore where you can visit.
Asian Civilizations Museum: Star Your Singapore Tourism with the Asian Civilisations Museum is located in one of the three museums form the national museums of Singapore. This focus is the most established museum in the region, exhibits and origins in the cultures of Asia and developments.

Escape Theme Park: Scream your heart, unless the largest outdoor Singapore theme park, Escape Theme Park Escape Theme Park, one of the biggest attractions of Singapore is sure to inspire and excite you with its wide range of wet and dry rides for the whole family.

Jurong Bird Park: Not only a favorite among the attractions of Singapore, but also in Southeast Asia is the Jurong Bird Park Located at the western end of Singapore, Jurong Bird Park Bird Park is the largest and most important in South Asia, which will surely impress and the fascinating variety of 9,000 birds.

Kent Ridge Park: With a size of 47 hectares, this park offers the best views of outlying islands such as Singapore, Pulau Duranin. Darat and go to one of the best places did. Filled Tembusu, acacia and Dillenia, you will certainly enjoy the tranquility of the park.

Merlion: The Merlion is to welcome all visitors to Singapore. Standing 8.6 meters tall and weighs as heavy as 70 tons, it was designed in 1964. It was originally at the mouth of the Singapore River.

Night Safari: Do not miss visiting one of the places outside of Singapore to the Night Safari. The Night Safari is the first zoo to be built, especially at night as opposed to traditional parks seen elsewhere. This place is 40 acres of land, with animals from South America and other parts of Asia.

Pulau Ubin: A small island, shaped like a boomerang, this island off the coast in the northeast of the main island of Singapore. This could be the last kampung or village in Singapore.

Singapore Johore Battery at Changi: The Johore Battery is a war memorial in Singapore, dating back to early 1940. Some of the other major coastal batteries were the Pasir Laba Battery, Labrador, and the battery Fort Siloso.

Singapore Zoo: Singapore Zoo is a modern, or formerly known as the Singapore Zoo, animal shows in the open. The inhabitants of the animal kingdom roam in spacious landscaped enclosures.

Culture and traditions
Singapore is a perfect blend of ethnic and social traditions. Visitors can use a variety of festivals, cultural events and many of the great fusion of various influences. In addition, Singapore is a rich cultural heritage that can be seen in its structures and monuments worth. Now the heritage scene in Singapore has flourished with a steady increase in visitor numbers to museums and cultural activities in recent years.

Singapore has one of the most beautiful skylines and modern in Southeast Asia. Its modern skyscraper buildings can challenge anywhere in the world. Singapore comes with the buildings and monuments of colonial heritage in a unique style. You can also Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), a national organization, the architects in Singapore. The wonderful architecture and innovative Singapore said that the visitors glued his beautiful horizon.

A must to visit in Singapore
Little India: How do you be willing step in Little India, for the feast for the senses! You will be greeted by the pungent smell of spices and jasmine garlands by the treasure trove of silverware, wood carvings, brassware and colorful silk saris. In the 19th Century Indian immigrants came to work here either as laborers to build roads or to take on leadership positions in public service.

Festivals: In Singapore, every ethnic group has its own festivals, especially doing to their religion. Almost every month of the year you will find a celebration of one form or another that makes a great display of color, pomp, which is enjoyed by all. In a peaceful and harmonious society, respect and celebrate each others festivals Singaporeans with enthusiasm.


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  2. Seeing the city at night is most definitely a highlight. I haven't seen anything that beautiful in quite a while, and of course it goes without saying that the food is really quite amazing.


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