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Ajanta Caves Tourism

Ajanta caves are very famous places to visit. Ajanta , world-renowned and is declared " World Heritage ". Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad Jalgaon district , 107 km from the city of Aurangabad. Caves caves are constructed by cutting stones beautiful piece of art and architecture. these are some of the best examples of ancient Buddhist architecture, cave paintings and sculptures , these caves were temples dedicated to Buddha and monasteries ( viharas ) by Buddhist monks for meditation and the study of Buddhist doctrine used .
In 1819 , officers of the British army for the Exploration of tiger hunting in a forest of Deccan , suddenly discovered a horseshoe rock wall on the other side of a river meander Waghora hunting party saw the tiger, silhouetted against the company before the cave.

There are 29 caves Ajanta (officially numbered by the Archaeological Survey of India ) d. These caves were discovered in 1819. All images show a strong religious influence and focus on Buddha, Bodhisattvas , incidents from the life of Buddha and the Jatakas .
The photos are on a plot of mud - sidewalk made ​​tempera technique . The paintings on the walls depicting the events of the life of Prince Gautama Buddha, founder of Buddhism, and popular Jataka stories related to the previous incarnation of Buddha. They also contain semi- scenes history - mythology , the royal court and popular life of antiquity, as told in novels and plays. Some pictures recall the compositions and the Greek and Roman range like some Chinese customs to some extent proportions. But majority belongs to a phase which is purely Indian as they are found nowhere else.

These monuments were built separately by a long interval of four centuries during two different periods. Seniors were the product of centuries before Christ and belong to Hinayana period of Buddhism in the late second century AD , when Buddhism was divided into two parts after the Fourth Council General under another great king, Kanishka .

There are two types of Caves
Caves ends : There are twenty- seven years , there are several forms of Buddha. They cave s 1 , 2, 4 , 6 , 7, 9 and 10.
Cavess incomplete : they are incomplete and some of them are accessible. The caves are 3, 5 , 8, 23, 24 , 25, 28 and 29.
Ajanta Caves : How to get the caves of Ajanta
You can reach the Ajanta caves by air , rail or road route , at your convenience and cost.

Ajanta flight Itinerary
The nearest airport is Aurangabad, 108 km from Ajanta . Aurangabad has a good domestic airport is well connected with major cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad.

Getting there By train Ajanta
The nearest station is Jalgaon Cuevas , about an hour and a half drive Ajanta . There are many services of private cars are available for rent or you can take the shuttle from the station to fill caves.

How to get on the road Ajanta
There are regular bus Ajanta Aurangabad. Otherwise, you can rent a car, there are many tour operators can use the services or there are buses to and from the caves of Ajanta . Ajanta Aurangabad car takes 2-3 hours.

Traveling by Ajanta
Usually, most forward because no matter how you start a car or take the bus at Ajanta , we get a few miles of caves. The only way to get to the cave is one of the bus and around the caves have to walk !

Ajanta Caves : The best time to visit
The best time to visit Ajanta Caves is during the months from October to March ( winter season ) and from June to September (monsoon ) is the best time to visit the caves of Ajanta , time is beautiful in recent months.

While in March , April and May holiday season (more schools and colleges were closed during the month ) in India , but the temperature is very high in recent months between 37 ° C to 44 ° C for hot and humid water is difficult to pass through the caves.

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