Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Trip to the Philippines

Country is located in South East Asia and its neighboring countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, Palau and China, Philippines holds a total of 7, 107 islands and divided into three large island groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao or LuzViMinda for short. Its capital is Manila which is the largest and busiest city of Philippines. 
The climate in the Philippines is hot, humid and tropical, nature lovers and tourists will positively enjoy the summer ambience.There are plentiful things to discover in this wonderful enclave of paradise. Beautiful beaches, active volcanoes, magnificent landscapes, tropical forests and breath taking coral reefs.
The Philippines despite its poverty and political turmoil can be the best and most gifted country you could ever be. In terms of natural resources that first and second world countries could ever wish for.
CEBU Province:
A famous province in the Philippines is Cebu. This tropical island is rich and abundant with rugged mountains ranges, predominant rolling hills coastal plains, limestone plateaus and narrow coastlines. Cebu City which is the oldest city in the country is the capital of Cebu. Cebu is known for its rich culture and heritage and a developed province as well. It is the main center of trade, education and industry in the central and southern parts of the archipelago.

Tourist Attractions in Cebu:
One of the places in the country that is really blessed with natural wonders with a compliment of man-made structures that will surely make a tourist’s stay worthwhile is Cebu. Its strategic location, rich culture and historical heritage,
beautiful beaches, clear sweaters and peaceful ambiance are among its priceless  attractions. Its history opened a lot of doors for expansion.

Baguio - The Summer Capital of the Philippines:
Baguio aside from being the summer capital the Philippines is also recognized to be the city of pines because of its huge collection of pine trees. This city preserves its reputation amongst trippers and local villagers to be the prime tourist destination area in Northern Luzon because of its cool weather, peaceful environment and fresh and green ambiance. For those who would like to relax and stay away from the excessive heat of the lowlands, Baguio is the perfect place for them. It is also the perfect venue for and conferences and seminars.

Burnham Park:
Burnham Park is the major attraction in Baguio city. It is a favorite place of local residents and villagers for relaxation and various activities. This park is centered on a man-made lake located at the heart of the city. This park is perfect place for taking photographs and visitors should bring a camera when going to the park. if you forget your camera, there are commercial photographers in the park who can take your pictures and those pictures can be delivered within just a few hours.

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