Thursday, 6 October 2011

Middle East Travel Tips

Middle East is one of the world’s most fascinating and rewarding travel destinations. This is a land full of ancient history and vibrant cultures.
If you are planning a visit there, you have to overcome complications that may come your way. There is spellbinding landscape scenery from seas of sand dunes and palm fringed lakes and spectacular mountains of the north and the underwater world of the Red Sea.

The best months to visit the Middle East are autumn and spring. If you are a sun bath lover and water sports freak, the months of June to August should be definitely avoided.

Travel in the Middle East is not much expensive and travelling is relaxed.

Tipping is always there. The term given to tipping is called “baksheesh” This is more than just a reward for having rendered a service.

The larger banks have ATM’s facility and they are linked up to one of the international networks like, Cirrus, Master Card, Visa or Global Access Systems.

Night Life
There is a wrong idea that it is insecure, Night life is safe and except in some conflict zone, all is peaceful.

Forbidden Places
Mosques are out of bounds for tourists, Mecca and Medina are only for Muslims. Tourists should not try to enter these unless they are Muslims. Never try to take either illegal or offensive for Muslims like Alcohol, literature of an explicit sexual nature.

When in public, you should not demonstrate affection for a spouse or friend of the opposite sex, Saudi’s never do this and find such behavior unacceptable. Singles should not have sexual relations and it is prohibited in Saudi Arabia. During month of Ramazan, do not eat, drink or smoke in public. A dog should not be petted in front of a Saudi. You should dress modestly in public. Women should wear long, loose dresses with high necklines and long sleeves. Men should wear long pants and a shirt.  A person’s photograph should not be taken without his permissions. No theft takes place in the Kingdom.

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