Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hong Kong Attractions

Hong Kong is always of the tourists for the holiday options it offers have been loved. This is the land the man asks constantly bear irresistible attraction to people who like to go. Visit the land of amazing treasures and navigate through them to leave would be a holiday, the indelible mark in your heart to enjoy.
Aberdeen, the largest satellite town, is a vibrant place for residents of Hong Kong in the city. It is unique because it is the traditional lifestyle and modernity on a single platform highlights. Floating restaurants are interesting features of this destination.

Causeway Bay
Causeway Bay, known for his extravagance, commercial, home to many Japanese department stores, shops and entertainment venues. Electronics and appliance stores photos in abundance in the region. The town boasts spots like Times Square and Windsor House.

Disneyland, credited as the first theme park in China is different from Disney land elsewhere, because she has natural scenery of green mountains and hills. The resort is ultra-modern was segregation in the land issue as Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland and Main Street USA

Lantau Iceland
The island of Lantau, the largest island in Thailand device is located at the mouth of the Pearl River. The site of sleepy fishing villages of the past been developed as a major tourist destination in Hong Kong.

Ocean Park
Ocean Park, the largest aquarium in the world, the tourist attraction in the south of Hong Kong. The park was started long before 1977, with investment of HK $ 150,000,000. The park covers about 170 hectares. A bridge connects the two areas of the park.

Po Lin Monastery
Po Lin Monastery, which literally translates as "Precious Lotus" is the most famous Buddhist monastery in Hong Kong. He thinks the copper idol or Tian Tan Buddha Sakyamuni, who is considered the largest Buddha statue in the outside world.

Victoria Harbor
Victoria Harbour, one of the most visited tourist attractions of Hong Kong, is surrounded flanked by impressive backgrounds. The port is known for its spectacular views, sparkling public spectacle. He is known for its beautiful panoramic view commended. Ride on the Victoria Peak is the best place to enjoy the magnificent view.

Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak is praised for her stunning views of Hong Kong and Kowloon City offers. It is the best place to enjoy the view of Hong Kong, which looks like a bright pearl in the sea of ​​light at night. Attract six million visitors per year, the head of the biggest tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

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