Sunday, 25 September 2011

China Tourism

Chinese tourism is an observation depth of tourism and the tourism industry in China - past, present and future. Tourism is identified as a vector of socio-economic development and poverty alleviation. China has become one of the largest industries in Asia, traveling with high growth and constant activities.Tourists international and domestic tourists have a very warm welcome by the Chinese people. Chinese are known for their hospitality worldwide. China Travel and Tourism in itself is unique and admired around the world.

China is both the whole and admirable, a mixture of several paradoxes. China offers attractive tourism sites for some of the fascinating work of art and amazing architecture. Are now over thirty attractions in China in the World Cultural and Natural Heritage category. Whether cultural relics, natural heritage, or combinations of both, in China, you will find unexpected surprise. Beaches in China are more tourist attractions in the flourishing in China with an impressive nature.

The Great Wall of China is the culmination of the Chinese Tower. Yunnan Stone Forest is one of China's fascinating eyes. Yangtze, the longest river in China offers one of the cruise and enjoy the wonderful nature. China does not just visit a country, his desire to discover a new world with its own tradition and the panorama of colors with excitement. Welcome to the world of Chinese world-famous attractions are the Great Wall, Forbidden City, the Potala Palace, the Silk Road, Shanghai colonial and imperial splendor of Beijing obvious magnet of the tour in China but there are also mountains and sacred temples of the size of visit .
 Great Wall of China
 Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Main Stadium
Potala Palace
 Yangtze River
 Yunnan Stone Forest 
Forbidden City

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  1. The Potala Palace and the Yunnan Stone Forest really captures my attention. It is like you will be entering a world of its own.
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