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Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Once the accumulation, planning and the big day has come and gone, have a warm, beautiful and romantic place to undo all the stress that weddings ironically created. Honeymoon Destinations in Asia offer some of the most beautiful landscapes and memorable experiences for a lot less money than Hawaii or Fiji.
Whether you prefer quiet beach time or cultural adventures, you will not be disappointed with any of these top five destinations for honeymoon in Asia. Alternatively, you can plan the trip of a lifetime around some of these unforgettable World Heritage Site by UNESCO in Asia.

1.  Bali, Indonesia:
Not a big surprise that Bali island's tourist arrivals in Indonesia, is also one of the first places in the world for a honeymoon. The mere mention of Bali evokes exotic images of volcanoes and private beaches. Although the island is filled in the summer months, you can escape the crowds romantic beach villas and ecological refuges surrounded by green forests.

More than a party scene, the popular Kuta beach is not exactly romantic. Instead, go to some of the other beaches in southern Bali like Sanur, Legian or Seminyak. Once you've had enough time on the beach, you will find peace, a great atmosphere, and plenty of green landscapes in Ubud - the cultural center of Bali.

2.  Thai islands:

Thailand has some of the most beautiful and accessible islands in the world and the best tourist infrastructure in Southeast Asia, you will not have to worry about the hassles of travel in Thailand that interfere with their time together. Thai islands, both in the Andaman side of the country and in the Gulf of Thailand, are well suited for a romantic getaway.

If you prefer small islands, have a look at the tiny Koh Lipe side of Phuket in Thailand. Otherwise, consider Koh Lanta, Koh Samui, or some of the quiet bays dotted northern Koh Phangan. If things get a bit too quiet on the island, you can always take a boat to Haad Rin to dance until dawn with your partner!

3. Malaysian Borneo:
There is simply no other way to say: Borneo is a paradise for nature lovers. One of only two places in the world to see wild orangutans, you can divide your time in Borneo between finding wildlife tour through the rainforest, exploring the waterfalls in the national parks, and lying on pristine beaches. Flights to Borneo from Kuala Lumpur are cheap, often even until the last minute!

Borneo is divided into two states, Sabah and Sarawak, which are separated by the independent country of Brunei. Sarawak is quieter, cheaper and less crowded than the northern state of Sabah, East while Sabah has amazing snorkelling and natural attractions. You'll find plenty of wild beauty and friendly local culture in both places.

4. Srilanka
Although Sri Lanka off the southern coast of India receives almost as much attention as its northern neighbor, the islands there are among the best honeymoon destinations in Asia! Spicy Curry, friendly people, an interesting culture and a much more relaxed atmosphere attract more and more travelers each year.

A honeymoon in Sri Lanka is both an affordable and unique way to start a new life together.

5.The Maldives:
Not far from India, the island known as the Maldives is the smallest Asian country both in population and land mass. Lack of space Maldives to attract an estimated 600,000 tourists a year who come to enjoy the incredible beauty of the island and the world class diving is not stopped. Floating Bungalows and resorts honeymoon contained in some of the bluest water I have ever found that will make you and your new partner wants to stay forever.

Male is the capital, largest city and port of entry usual to visit the Maldives. While the beauty of the islands is breathtaking, a honeymoon in the Maldives will cost much more than one of the Thai islands.

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