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Suez Canal Travel Guide

The Suez Canal , sometimes called the route to India , is the link between Europe , Africa and Asia , connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. An artificial waterway , the Suez Canal is an impressive work of art that has facilitated international trade since its opening in 1869. A sum of 100 million dollars were spent in the construction of the canal. This channel single channel has two deaths knowledge areas . Ballah the bypass and the Great Bitter Lake .

Before the canal was built , cargo ships had to travel around the southern tip of Africa to make the trip from Europe to Asia , or the goods were to be transported by road. The waterway is controlled by Egypt, but under an international treaty so that its use is shared.
The Suez Canal takes more traffic and larger ships than the Panama Canal . It also significantly reduces the transit time being the shortest route between Europe and Asia.
The Suez Canal is named Qanat - Suways Arabic. Being one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world , the channel has become one of the most vital waterways in the world. The sea water circulates freely without passing this latch . The Authority of the Suez Canal in Egypt owns and maintains the channel .
To make the secure channel, the canal banks are supported by barriers to protect the channel against washing and waves due to frequent transit of ships. Ships move slowly in the channel to prevent soil erosion . The ideal way to see the canal is by boat or a cruise.
Waterfront Quarter , Military Museum , De Lesseps House, Museum of Ismailia , Suez Canal House, Lake Timsah and Garden stelae some interesting places to the channel.
Update: The Minister of Investment said recently that Egypt nailing a tender for the development of the Suez Canal at the end of November 2013.

Facts :
The Suez Canal was opened in November 1869.Today ( after expansion projects ) , the Suez Canal measuring 193.3 km ( 120.11 miles ) long and 205 meters ( 674 feet) wide, and about 24 meters ( 79 feet ) deep.

The Suez Canal is located in Egypt, which extends from Port Said to Port Tawfiq in Suez. As the channel is approximately 200 kilometers long, it is not frequently traveled by tourists and can be seen at various points along the way. Alternatively , cruises do not move down the Suez Canal for a complete experience. Otherwise, a good place to see the channel is at the Friendship Bridge , where it can be crossed near Port Said or Ismailia .

When :
High season in Egypt in winter , from December to February , when temperatures are cool , so close to the water Suez Channel temperatures are mild .

More Attractions : Cairo, Great Pyramids of Giza and Alexandria.

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