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Best Restaurants in Ubud Bali

Bali has many names: Island of the Gods , Temple des Mille -Îles ... in some parts of the world , Bali is still known as "The topless on the island. " However, for most people , Bali and will always be a Asian food paradise to be. From south to north tend goodies to try tasters traveling, gourmet Globe Trotters foody and pilgrims. After scoring Seminyak and Kerobokan epic restaurants, Ubud - Asian Yoga Mecca is ideal for all budgets empty stomachs, with 4 places you need to try before its final location hole in the wall to complete the luxury.

Warung Candra 2:
Warung Candra 2 is a Balinese warung offers Balinese dishes usually in a typical Bali, serves Balinese Home Fashion . Lovers of spices and meat eaters everything they to satisfy their hunger and at the same time a true taste of the local cuisine is known to find . Authentic " Lawar " (salad coconut) not less authentic " Guling babi " (roasted pork) , is , fat surprise his mix of textures and crisp flavor and get addicted .

Budget: Broke Backpacker ( RP 25000 / person)

Warung Sopa :Warung Sopa is for food lovers , vegans and vegetarians. Supplied from a mix of Asian , Western and raw materials, a variety of fresh foods , vegetables let your mouth and body happy. Recommendation: Mediterranean looks nuts and tomato tart and great sushi vegetables. Do not miss the vegetarian salad of ferns and kari good, the taste is so elegant it looks.

Note: If you are curious about the taste of Indonesia " sambal " , but feared the heat , the free bite and excellent condiment is served .

Budget: Note tempered (PR 40000 / person)

Little or Kafe Café is the ideal place to go with friends to remember with eclectic taste and a fondness for the place of food to go . Two floors ( packed in the afternoon, and the book will be warned in advance ) offer a relaxed , comfortable and perfect for long dinner atmosphere. The menu offers dishes of all kinds of raw gourmet vegan for the most passionate meat eaters. Kafe is a place where you can get a perfect beet salad with real, solid burgers miles from their usual junk food. Do not miss their selection of desserts , especially their cake Premium Spirulina / mint / chocolate.

Budget: Revel roaming (RP 100,000 / person)

Cascades Restaurant
Not easy to find on the map , but if you are once there, you do not want to leave. A bit far from the center of Ubud, the Cascades Restaurant, part of the five-star Viceroy ( which, incidentally , has a pretty original concept : each room is a private villa ) hotel with a service environment 5 offers stars and a kitchen .
Do not go for cheap , the food is served no joke.

Cascades is where you bring your girlfriend for a specific business partner brochure night before signing a big contract , or . Both casual tasting menus and the landscape adapted - on a hill , and deliver the food on the table to go to the mouth. They offer a selection of Indonesian and Western dishes. Su ( chicken breast with wild mushrooms and rosemary potato gratin , organic vegetables juices and wine sauce ) Chicken Gigolette is one of the most important recommendations . If you are serious about food and want to go further , you can have the good fortune to catch the head and have a chat - could also cook something for you , it happens.

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