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Lake Baikal Travel Guide

Baikal Lake Baikal is a beautiful lake in the southeastern part of Siberia. It is the deepest freshwater lake in the world and the largest reservoir of fresh surface water. Baikal is known for unique clarity of its waters and diverse flora and fauna. In addition, the Lake Baikal important holy place in Asia was for centuries.
It is particularly good ( and only a "must" ) to visit Baikal , if you take a train . This train stops at Irkutsk rather than sitting in the train for 6 days in Moscow, wait, you can get off the train in Irkutsk and take a trip to Lake Baikal . The experiences you there his incomparable something else.

In Russia , it flows out of Lake Baikal as " Ozero Baykal . " The word "Baikal " comes from the Turkish language . The word " bai " means "rich " and " cultural " means " lake " . Thus "Baikal " originally meant " rich lake. " He's rich . The lake contains 20% of the fresh surface water in the world, while the flora and fauna of the lake are mostly endemic.

The lake is so large and powerful that locals call Sea . This " sea " is growing rapidly at an average speed of 2 cm ( 0.8 inches) per year . Baikal is considered a Future Ocean , over millions of years , there will be a new great sea in Asia, Baikal is a starting point for the ocean . This remarkable lake is one of the holiest places in Asia. Prayed peoples over the centuries and believed the lake in his power. You can still see the lake sculptures and ritual parts of the building unique tribes thousands of years past.

Baikal Lake Baikal serves as a boundary for two Russian provinces - Republic of Buryatia ( southeast side ) and Irkutsk ( northwest shore ) . The southwestern part of Lake Baikal is touristy, yet northeastern part is almost deserted - some people and almost no tourists. Baikal was included on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1996.

When going to Lake Baikal :
Siberian winter is a very cold winter . Meanwhile collects Baikal much heat in summer and affects the temperature during the winter time . The lake freezes in winter and remains fully in any frozen north to the beginning of June. Most travelers visit the lake in the summer. But many tourists to verify that the Siberian winter lake and what is the transparent ice rises like. Standard recreational activities can be carried out on the lake.
Lake Baikal Season :
Summer ( June 15 to August 15 ) to February it can be very cold and snowy, there are some sunny days. March seems to be the best time if you want to explore the winter activities on the lake, because there will be plenty of sunshine , and it gets warmer. Enjoy skiing , riding in the snow .
Spring (15 April to June 15) in April and early May is a bad time to go to the lake because it is weather and dirt roads around the lake will be stuck with tons of unstable earth. Late May and early June is the best time if you want to feel the lone researcher . The lake is left, most tourists are still afraid of the cold days , and you can , travel hundreds of miles to be.

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