Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Sri Lanka: A Finest Island of Asia

Travel better Iceland is a fascinating part of the public opinion on the entire trip. Today, tourists are curious enough to visit their best in every way there is to make the country or the beauty of the place. The island can be an ideal choice for anyone as the peaceful setting of a quiet mind. Sri Lanka is one of the best islands that has done much to everyone. Its beautiful beaches, white sand and water activities inspire someone for him.
Once there was not touristy at all because of the civil war that lasted 30 years. But with the end of the civil war, there is a boom in the tourist population. It is booming like any other industry. Here, nature is the best throughout the season. Its atmosphere is rich in flora, fauna, exotic beaches, waterfalls and picturesque hill stations that attracts someone.

One important thing we need to check when planning a trip is the weather of the place. Is it for us or not, and then depending on the climate, we have chosen the destination. While climate is not a problem with the tour of Sri Lanka, as it is very soothing and pleasant. Air with the natural beauty of this island, it is to this place again and again. Due to all the favorable conditions, it is known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean."

The culture of this place is also very cute. World Heritage monuments and follow the historical past of the country know. "Sigiriya" is one of the eight wonders of the world on this island. It is a fortress in the sky, surrounded by lakes, gardens and other structures that make it a popular tourist destination. Once he was complementary to those of the famous Ajanta caves for his paintings and sculptures. How Sigiriya, there are many historical sites, the most visited by tourists.
Since we know that this is a beautiful island, the beaches are the main attractions that the country is surrounded on all sides. One can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, diving, surfing and more. Can add to the spectacular views of the beaches of color, fish, hills, etc. Some of the beaches in this country are very popular with tourists as Negombo, Arugam Bay, Hikkaduwa, etc. These beaches are famous for its coral reefs and sand . They are a great option on the beach for snorkeling, surfing, fishing, sunbathing, cruises, etc. One of these beaches is forbidden here after.

The fauna is also active on the island. "Yala National Park" is one example where you can watch elephants, crocodiles, wild boar, deer, etc. in their natural habitat. Bears and leopards are also part of the national park.

In addition, if you want to take the memories of this beautiful island back to your home, then shopping is simply the best idea. You will find sculptures, statues archaic coral reefs, etc., that you take home to remind the island throughout your life. So if you want to explore the island, and Sri Lanka is the best option in front of you.

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