Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pattaya- Most Rocking City in Thailand

Hot and energetic city of Pattaya in Thailand deserves a footprint of all the tourists and backpackers from all over the world. This article shows a small preview of this colorful city and its various delicacies.
Pattaya is one of the most popular cities in Thailand and Bangkok slamming heels for the upper crown. Over the years, Pattaya has gained notoriety primarily due to the emergence of some exciting adventure sports that are offered today proactively to its many beaches. Pattaya can, to an observer from the outside, only a seaside resort. But once you enter the amount, you will be delighted by the many joys, as his style sparkling life, fascinating nightlife, nice selection of cuisines and restaurants, and a culture in rapid motion.

Thailand tour is usually planned so that you can include in your itinerary Pattaya, even if you plan to attend all Bangkok. The distance between the two cities is tiny and only about 2 hours to get from one to the other.

Pattaya can be visited throughout the year. However, it is best to plan a trip in the months from November to June. This season is free of rain, so a random tourists can enjoy sightseeing without any hassle. Even the water sports can be practiced without any glitch. On the other hand, the months from July to October can be very slippery and wet. It, this time to avoid unless you are looking for the cheapest holidays is best. This is that hotels and airlines drop dramatically due to the low flow during these months.

Pattaya has a number of attractions. The beaches are definitely the USP. But there are also temples like Wat Yannasangwaram. It is a Buddhist temple, and although it may not be as famous as the Temple of the Dawn in Bangkok, it is still a must-see attraction in Pattaya. Ocean Park is another major attraction where you can add a little more of the underwater world. Elephant Village, Chomthein Fishing Park, Mini Siam and Nong Nooch Cultural Village are other noteworthy attractions.

Thailand tourism and shopping go hand in hand. While Bangkok may be the best shopping destination in the country, Pattaya is not much behind. There are good markets, shops and bazaars where you can buy souvenirs and other products.

It is the nightlife, Pattaya is at the top of the wish list of every. There are many clubs and pubs in the town and most will tap your feet and dance the beautiful figures. For guests and alcoholic lovers, the city has many advantages.

Beach Road is a famous road that developed in the nightlife. It is also the best place to eat in Pattaya and is aligned with a number of restaurants and bars. There are a few bars and clubs as well.

Pattaya is the watersports center. So if you spend your time on the beaches, then you have at least a shot parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing and surfing.

In general, a tour Pattaya is definitely something to remember and cherish for a lifetime.


  1. the place is an absolute shithole. hookers from esarn and loser foreigners everywhere.

  2. Yes, Pattaya is a beautiful place for holidays. I had visited to Pattaya and enjoyed everything, including nightlife, beaches, temples and shopping market. You have shared beautiful information about Pattaya.

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