Friday, 7 December 2012

Pakistan Attractive Cities

Pakistan was sovereign state in South Asia in 1947 as an independent nation for Muslims, with a population of over 180 million. The area of ​​present-day Pakistan was home to many ancient cultures and has been ruled by many dynasties rich ad. The land is situated in an area that has been home to some of the practices of the earliest human settlements and where two of the world's great religions, Hinduism and Buddhism was. It is located in the western part of the Indian subcontinent, with Afghanistan and Iran in the west, India on the Arabian Sea in the east and south is a must. The beauty of the country take to enjoy progress cheap flights to Pakistan and visit famous cities in the world that. Respectively a great contrast with the other.

While enjoying holidays in Pakistan can not afford to miss a visit to several beautiful cities in the country.
Islamabad: combination of rich cultural heritage, the confluence of several civilizations and the mild climate, Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan is one of the most beautiful cities in South Asia. The city is a symbol of progress, innovation and architectural marvel. A meticulously planned city, Islamabad is the most prosperous cities in the region in terms of population, economy and urban development, to have a real metropolis. There are no traffic jams, rose and bougainvillea in parks and viewpoints shoe the city to bear. There is plenty to do in the city including Shah Faisal Mosque, Daman-e-Koh, Murghzar Zoo a couple of places to see, to explore. Catch cheap flights from London to Islamabad and visit this city peace loving what is the heart and soul of Pakistan, a city that the aspirations of a young and dynamic nation, looks forward to a glorious future symbolizes his people.
Karachi: - Although Karachi has lost its title of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad reached, but it is the undisputed heart economy. It really is one of the diverse and cosmopolitan Pakistan, where a large number of ethnic groups such as Sindhis, Punjabis, Pashtuns helped make it have a world-class city. The main attractions National Museum Karachi is one of the most visited places in the city. The Maritime Museum is another notable attraction for tourists. Clifton Beach is a good place for a picnic and the Shrine of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi great veneration. The city also contains several colonial-style buildings, the architecture is similar to Frere Hall, the governor's house, etc. So Merrewether Tower, flying low to the coast to visit Karachi and Karachi, a city of ethnic groups.
Peshawar - Peshawar is the capital of North-West Frontier Province, is a city Pakhtoons who are very loving and attentive. Historically, Peshawar was one of the major trading centers of Southeast Asia and continue to serve as a link between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Well, there are modern buildings and historical sites, the big melt is old and new. Some must visit places in Peshawar include Qila Aisar scans and @ ISA Khuwani Bazaar. A foodies will surely enjoy edible Namak Mandi Peshawar has to offer.
Lahore - Incredibly beautiful! Yes, it is. This book flights to Lahore are overwhelmed by the beauty when they land at the airport. This is because her mind takes a sudden twist that tells them what will be covered on the first arrival.

Pakistan is situated in the western part of the Indian subcontinent, located with Afghanistan and Iran in the west, India in the east and the Arabian Sea in the south. Islamabad, the capital of the country is one of the most famous metropolis of the country, while Karachi, Peshawar, Multan must visit as part of his famous cities.


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