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Azerbaijan Travel

Azerbaijan travel will guide you if you are planning a trip to this country. The Republic of Azerbaijan has borders Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Russia and Iran along with the Caspian Sea acting as the coastline. Since the global tourist visit this country therefore the country is well-connected to different parts of the world. All the cities of Azerbaijan can be accessed from almost all corners of the world which makes it a favorite tourist haunt. The Azerbaijan travel is the complete guide to the country which helps to give you a comprehensive idea about the place.

Getting to Azerbaijan is not much of a problem as you can access it via the airways, waterways, railways as well as the roadways. The most important thing which is required if you want to enter Azerbaijan is an entry visa that is necessary for most countries of the world. One of the best options to get your visa is the Azerbaijan consulate. If the travelers want they can also obtain single entry visa at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport lying around twenty-five kilometers to the east of Baku. There are primarily 7 civil airports in Azerbaijan which serve most of the important cities across the world. The regular flights to Azerbaijan which come in from different parts of the world make it convenient for the guests coming here. Some of the famous flights include British Airways, Lufthansa, Azerbaijan Airlines and Turkish Airlines. There are regular trains connecting Georgia to Azerbaijan. The ferry service from Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan also connect Azerbaijan. After arriving in Azerbaijan you can avail the buses, minibuses and taxis as they connect most cities of the country.

The staple diet of the people of Azerbaijan is bread which is much revered here. The specialties of Azerbaijan include gutabs, kufta (meatballs), kebabs, plov (rice served with chicken and other stuff), grape leaves, cabbage and eggplant served while wrapped in meat are just some of them. The travelers can put up at the luxury or the budget accommodation as per heir choice as they are going to find both in great number. The luxury hotels in Azerbaijan include Park Inn, Hyatt Regency, Excelsior and Absheron to name a few.
Landscape in Azerbaijan:
Azerbaijani border area covers about 2648 km. The coast of Azerbaijan has an area of 800 km. Azerbaijan's territory stretches over 400 km from north to south and 500 km from west to east. Azerbaijan is the largest lake in saris.

There are three mountain ranges in Azerbaijan, namely:
The Greater Caucasus
Lesser Caucasus
Talysh Mountains

Weather in Azerbaijan Azerbaijan remains hot and dry weather during the months of April through October. In July and August the weather in the mountainous regions of Azerbaijan pleasant. Time in Azerbaijan is not extreme. In winter you can catch a cold, wet day. To see snow at higher elevations.

Facts about Azerbaijan:
  • The capital, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Azerbaijani manat currency Azerbaijan
  • Azerbaijan has an area of ​​86 600 square kilometers
  • The main religion is Islam in Azerbaijan
Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Azerbaijan:
  • Gance
  • Mingechivir
  • Naftalan
  • Lankaran
  • Nakhichevan city
  • Sheki
  • Sumqayit
  • Xachmaz
  • Baku
Airports in Azerbaijan
  • Akstafa airport
  • Heydar Aliyev International Airport
  • Belokany airport
  • Ganja Airport
  • Baku Airport
  • Nakhichevan Airport
  • Yevlakh Airport
Holiday in Azerbaijan:
  • New Year
  • Victory Day
  • Republic Day
  • National Day of Salvation Azerbaijani people
  • Novruz Bayram
  • Armed Forces Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Day of Sovereignty of the State
  • Constitution Day
  • Women's Day
  • Day of National Revival
  • Day of Solidarity of Azerbaijanis of the world
  • Gurban Bayram
  • Ramzan


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