Saturday, 17 December 2011

Tourist Attractions in Armenia-Yerevan

Tourists in Armenia need to have a good time of their visits, excursion to visit the various tourist attractions in Yerevan. This is the capital of Armenia, and the center of all political, cultural and scientific. The presence of a variety of tourist attractions to keep tourists occupied Yerevan and engaged in visits to Yerevan. As the oldest city in Yerevan has a large number of historical and religious monuments that make up the country's cultural heritage.
The Republic Square, Yerevan
Tourist attractions in Yerevan, among other museums, churches, monuments, cinemas, theaters, galleries and much more. The best way to get all the places of tourist attractions in Yerevan coverage is by booking a tour that will take you through all the city has to offer tourists.
Erebuni Fortress, Yerevan
Travel to its attractions in Yerevan by visiting the oldest fortress Erebuni, King of the eighth century BC Arghishti show was built began excavations in the region, there is a solid surface, the palaces, temples and Many other buildings were.

The Republic Square in Yerevan is one of the must visit the city and a major tourist attraction. Appointed Hanrapetutyan Haraparak there is a large fountain in front of the National Art Gallery and Museum. The square is the site of many ceremonies and processions. The Square is the hub of all the tourists and it is always with tourists, restaurants, shops and enjoy drinking in the bars and pubs, which are filled in the region.
The Genocide Memorial, Yerevan
The Genocide Monument is in contact place to visit and pay homage to a half million Armenians who died in the first racist massacres of the last century. This monument was erected by the government. The wall 100 feet high with the names of towns and villages where the massacre took place burned. It was the darkest period in the history of Armenia. In fact, this monument has become a pilgrimage destination for travelers.

Besides all this, many churches and museums that attract tourists to witness the rich art and culture of the city, that the ravages of time and the cruelty of the monarch survived. Some museums that should be visited are the Museum of Ovanes Tumanyan, Armenian Craft Museum, photo gallery the first children of the world and much more.


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